Open Carrier Truck

The most common type of auto transport service is open carrier shipping. Open carrier auto transport shipping trucks can typically hold anywhere from 3 vehicles or as many as 9 vehicles.  Open carriers are the vehicle of choice for family cars, daily drivers, cars that need restoration, and for military families that are on a very tight budget.  Open carrier auto transport shipping trucks can take your vehicle across town, across the state or across the country.  

Each of the spots on an open carrier is controlled by hydraulic controls. This allows the driver to raise, lower or change the size of the spot on the truck to accommodate different sized vehicles. Making the vehicles safe and secure.  

Enclosed Carrier Truck

Maybe you need to transport a high-value, vintage, custom, classic car or exotic car? Choose our enclosed carrier shipping service. Our specialized enclosed carriers are the ultimate choice regarding security and safety for your vehicle. While on our enclosed carrier, your vehicle is out of sight and under lock and key at all times. Enclosed carrier vehicles range in size from holding as few as two vehicles to as many as eight!

Some of our trucks have just a single tier and some have two tiers with hydraulic controls to move the floors up and down to accommodate nearly any sized vehicle.